Cabinet Choices

    View our suppliers for residential and commercial cabinet projects, as well as our vendors for hardware and accessories. You may click on a company logo or any category listed below it (if applicable) to visit the corresponding page on that company’s website.

Residential Cabinets

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Popular SOLLiD Door Styles

Shaker Ash (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Shaker Ash

Shaker Pebble (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Shaker Pebble

Shaker Stone (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Shaker Stone (formerly Shaker Slate)

Shaker White (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Shaker White

Shaker Xpresso (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Shaker Xpresso

Tahoe Ash (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Tahoe Ash

Tahoe White (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Tahoe White

Cambria Linen (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Cambria Linen

Cambria Saddle (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Cambria Saddle

Delaware Peppercorn (SOLLiD Cabinetry)

Delaware Peppercorn

Waypoint Living Spaces


CabinetsHardwareCorbels and LegsWood Range Hoods


Popular Waypoint Door Styles

644 Maple Auburn Glaze (Waypoint)

644 Maple Auburn Glaze

605 Maple Coffee Glaze (Waypoint)

605 Maple Coffee Glaze

660 Maple Auburn Glaze (Waypoint)

660 Maple Auburn Glaze

720 Painted Ember Glaze (Waypoint)

720 Painted Ember Glaze

660 Cherry Bordeaux (Waypoint)

660 Cherry Bordeaux

450 Maple Espresso (Waypoint)

450 Maple Espresso

410 Painted Stone (Waypoint)

410 Painted Stone

661 Painted Cashmere (Waypoint)

661 Painted Cashmere

650 Painted Linen (Waypoint)

650 Painted Linen

D12 Duraform Stone (Waypoint)

D12 Duraform Stone

720 Painted Hazlenut Glaze (Waypoint)

720 Painted Hazlenut Glaze

650 Painted Harbor (Waypoint)

650 Painted Harbor

D04 Duraform Linen (Waypoint)

D04 Duraform Linen



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Popular Medallion Door Styles

Avalon - Cherry (Medallion)

Avalon – Cherry

Caraway - Cherry Peppercorn (Medallion)

Caraway – Cherry Peppercorn

Fenwick - Thermofoil (Medallion)

Fenwick – Thermofoil

Winterberry - Thermofoil (Medallion)

Winterberry – Thermofoil

Camelot Beaded Panel Cherry

Camelot Beaded Panel Cherry

Brookhill Flat Panel Cayenne (Medallion)

Brookhill Flat Panel Cayenne

Bahamas Maple Espresso (Medallion)

Bahamas Maple Espresso

Bayside Platinum Cherry Sangria (Medallion)

Bayside Platinum Cherry Sangria

Bridgeport Oak Walnut (Medallion)

Bridgeport Oak Walnut

Columbia Cherry Gingersnap (Medallion)

Columbia Cherry Gingersnap

Kendrick Maple Amaretto (Medallion)

Kendrick Maple Amaretto

Winston Cherry (Medallion)

Winston Cherry

Commercial Cabinets

Hardware and Accessories

Next Steps

    Whether you’ve found what you’re looking for are not quite sure what to go with, our Sales department is the next step in making your home’s perfect fit a reality. We’re happy to help you finalize your choice of colors, materials, options, and pricing. Please visit our Contact page or get in touch with our Sales department directly via email. From there, you can get more information, stop by our office during our hours of operation, or schedule an appointment with one of our representatives to work out all of the details.